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Interested in roles and projects where I can leverage and continue to evolve 25+ Years of experience in Software Engineering, AI/Machine Learning, Data Science, DevOps, Technology Consulting, Team Building, IA/UX, C#, .Net & The Azure/Microsoft Cloud.


Azure DevOps
Microsoft Fabric
Azure ML
Azure Synapse
Azure Batch
Azure Data Lake
Apache Spark
Power BI
Infrastructure as Code
Azure Container Apps
Azure Container Instances
Azure WebApps
Power Platform
Power Automate
Azure Functions
Azure CLI
Azure Service Bus
Azure Event Hubs
Azure Event Grid
Azure IoT Hub
Azure Stream Analytics
Identity Systems
Microsoft Graph
Azure Active Directory
CI/CD Pipelines
Blazor (Server)
Blazor (WASM)
Mobile Backends
JFrog Artifactory
Domain Driven Design
Information Architecture
User Experience Design
Team Building
JSON Web Tokens
API Management
Bot Framework
Teams Apps/Bots
Dynamics 365
Office 365
SaaS Frameworks
Multi-Tenant Solutions
Azure Insights
CosmosDB Synapse Link
Data Engineering
ETL Pipelines
Azure DataLake/DFS
Azure Data Factory

Recent Efforts

• SaaS platform for searching, buying and managing sales leads
• APIs & administration tools for Dynamics 365 integrations
• SaaS platform for real estate data APIs
• SaaS platform & Teams integration for advertising workflows
• IoT systems and workflows for devices in the construction equipment space
• SaaS platform for AR/VR based e-learning tools
• Microsoft Graph, Teams and Bot applications for internal workflows in the advertising space
• Global patent and trademark data aggregation pipelines
• IoT management platform for medical and patient tracking devices

I strive to be an expert in developing technical solutions for any problem with a focus on domain driven design. From cloud software to distributed or decentralized systems and machine learning. I prefer custom solutions over using frameworks or libraries where possible. This philosophy extends to identity and authentication systems as well as to the front end where I prefer pure JavaScript over frameworks.

I have experience working within every major cloud computing vendor including AWS, IBM, Google and RackSpace - but the main focus of my expertise is with the Microsoft/Azure Cloud, Microsoft Graph and Office 365.

I love building applications that are impactful to people. From architecture and development to user experience - I find every aspect challenging and rewarding.

In addition to engineering beautiful applications I also have a passion for building and managing teams. I've managed a variety of teams to execute on projects ranging from software development and QA to motion graphics and global advertising campaigns.

Key Projects

The last few years I have been focused on developing microservices based SaaS frameworks that are generalized, flexible and allow for a quick path to developing large scale and architecturally sound projects.

The Sahara Framework A set of starter components that leverage the Azure Cloud to accellerate SaaS development.

Leads Direct Leads Direct is the Next Generation Platform for Finding, Buying and Managing Auto Insurance, Life Insurance, Home Insurance, Solar, Health and Mortgage Leads Nationwide.

RedMaple: Clever Division Financial services platform used by many fortune 500 companies to integrate customer online/mobile payments into Dynamics 365.

.Net Core Clean Architecture is a starter template for developing Event Sourced, CQRS solutions on any cloud or operating system.

Telemetry ETL Preprocessor Template for creating ETL pipelines on temporal data. Integrates with data lakes, Spark/ML workloads and various database technologies.

Identity Service is an Identity-As-A-Service written from scratch in .Net Core using a CQRS architecture with a CosmosDB/Redis persistence layer and RSA signed JWT Tokens with public key distribution for authentication and claims.

Galaxy Cloud CMS A schema-free, multi-tenant, CMS built on top of the Azure cloud.

Inventory Hawk A cloud based inventory management solution.

I've also had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of clients and industries through my consulting firm: INNVTV.

Whitepapers / Open Source Projects

.Net Core Clean Architecture

A starter template for developing Event Sourced, CQRS solutions on any cloud or operating system.

The Sahara Framework

A .Net, C# and Azure Service Fabric based project that integrates with Stripe using a microservices architecture to jumpstart SaaS based projects.

Node.js/.Net Core Microservice w/ Docker & Nginx

A set of microservices for a registration system written in Node.js and .Net Core with Nginx. Containerized using Docker.

Azure EventGrid Microservice

EventGrid communication between two microservices using Event Grid, Storage Queues, Azure Pipelines and Docker Compose.

Bitcoin API Microservice

A microservice for generating Bitcoin addresses and storing private keys that can be plugged into larger projects. Built using .Net Core, C#, NBitcoin, MongoDB and Docker with Compose.

Lightning IoT

A conceptual platform that uses the Bitcoin Lightning Network for micro transactions over IoT Infratructure with cryptographic data secured on both centralized servers as well a decentralized blockchain (EOS) for trustless verification among consortium members.

Sahara Framework for Blockchains

A white paper outlining how The Sahara Framework can be utilized as a centralized hub to manage consortium blockchain infrastructure.

EOS Visualized

A visual primer of how the EOS blockchain operates.

EOS Global Asset Tracking

Starter project for creating, maintaining and tracking global movement of assets on the EOS Blockchain. Can be used for shipping, travel and a host of other use cases.

Looking Glass

A plugin for The Sahara Framework that allows for segmentation, enrichment, processing and analysis of psychographic data.


A results driven technology leader & developer with over 25 years of experience working in software, user experience, digital strategy, startups & advertising in a variety of roles & industries.

I've built and managed multiple teams comprised of a number of disciplines including: software engineering, information architecture, user experience design, mobile, UI, mixed reality & web development with a strong focus on scalable cloud computing.

With a strong focus on engineering, visual thinking, marketing, online strategy, usability, design, profitability & creating rich, interactive and social experiences, I strive to bring a holistic, innovative, forward thinking and results based approach to any project I’m involved with.

Key Roles & Responsibilities

Director of Technology • Director of IA/UX • Solutions Architect • Software Engineering • R&D • DevOps • Creative Direction • Cost Analysis • Project Scoping • Scheduling & Timelines • Production Workflow • Leading Brainstorms • Ideation • Client Communication • Pitches • Scope of Work Documentation • Discovery • Project Proposals • Visual Communications • Technical & Functional Diagraming • Leadership • Team Building • Resourcing • Interviewing • Hiring • Print Design • Digital Design

Development & Software Engineering

As an engineer and developer I strive to stay on top of industry trends by following thought leaders in the space and the progress on various projects through their preferred communication channels. I'm an avid attendee of conferences such as the Microsoft //Build/ Conference, the Channel 9 website and many community sites such as HackerNews, Reddit, YouTube, Medium and open source GitHub projects.


C# • SQL • KUSTO • BICEP • Python • JavaScript • U-SQL • T-SQL • C++ • HTML • TypeScript • CSS • XAML • Razor • JSON • XML • PHP/MySQL (LAMP)


.Net Core • Blazor • Node.js • CQRS • MediatR • OpenAPI/Swagger • gRPC • WCF • Redis • .Net Framework (Classic) • Service Fabric • Service Fabric Mesh • Service Fabric IoT Edge • Docker • Kubernetes

Frontend/UI Frameworks

ASP.NET MVC • Razor/Blazor • Angular • MEAN Stack • Bootstrap • Knockout • Node/NPM • Gulp • Grunt • Bower • Webpack • WebAssembly (WASM) • Xamarin • XAML


Docker • Docker Swarm • Kubernetes • Service Fabric • Service Fabric Clusters • Service Fabric Mesh • Azure VM Scale Sets • Azure Cluster Management • Azure Kubernetes Services • Apache Mesos • Mesosphere DC/OS • Marathon • Chronos • Envoy • Event Driven Architecture

Cloud Platforms

Azure • AWS • IBM Cloud • Google Cloud • RackSpace • Digital Ocean

CLI & Package Managers

Bash • Terminal • PowerShell • Azure CLI • Node/NPM • (Angular) NG CLI • Vue CLI • dotnet CLI • Docker CLI • Nuget

Services / Identity

Stripe API • Authorize.Net • Azure Active Directory • Azure AD B2C • Public/Private Key Cryptography • Custom Identity Systems • ASP.Net Identity • Node Passport • Node Joi • Node Express • CloudFlare API • SendGrid • Twilio • ngrok • Ebay API • Nuget • IIS • Kestrel • Nginx • Envoy • AWS EC2 • AWS ELB • AWS ECS/ECR • AWS SQS • AWS S3 • AWS Route 53 • AWS CloudFront • AWS CLI • Etc...


BluVision Beacons and IoT Devices • Azure IoT Hub • Azure Event Grid • Azure IoT Edge • Azure Sphere • Azure Stream Analytics

Data Engineering / Analysis

Custom ETL Pipelines • Custom Data Preprocessor Engines • Databricks/Spark • CosmosDB/DocumentDB • Azure SQL Server • Redis • MongoDB • Azure Table Storage • Azure Data Lake • Data Lake Analytics • Relational, Flat & Document Database Design

Operating Systems / CLI

Linux (Ubuntu, RedHat, AMI) • Windows Server • Bash/Terminal • PowerShell • PS Commandlets • VIM • Windows Subsytem for Linux • AWS CLI • Azure CLI • NPM • YUM • RPM • Etc...


VS Code • Visual Studio • SQL Server Management Studio • JetBrains CLion • VIM • Sublime Text • Etc...


Purchase Funnel & UX Consultation • Inventory, B2B, CRM & BI Systems • Competitive Pricing Engines • Custom Shopping Cart Systems • Auctions & Bidding Systems

Concepts / Disciplines

Domain Driven Design • Test Driven Design • Cryptography • Relational Databases • Non-Relational Databases • Decentralized Systems • Microservices Architecture • Design Patterns • Intelligent Edge • Machine Learning

Machine Learning | AI

Azure ML Studio • Azure Cognitive Services • Azure Data Lake Analytics • Hadoop

Sample Code:

Messaging & Queues:
Message Queue Consumer Class

Multi-Environment Endpoints Factory on Azure Service Fabric

Rest API:
Multi-Tenant Public API Endpoints

SQL Factory in C#

C# Document Model

CloudFlare Integration:
Create Subdomain(s)

Stripe Integration:
Stripe Webhooks

UI for Permissioned Imaging Tasks

Custom Scaffolding Template

Search Engine:  
UI/Maps   |   API   |   Manager

Dockerized Microservices

Distributed / Decentralized Systems

I'm investing a lot of time understanding and implementing technologies in the emerging blockchain space. From traditional P2P networking to public and private blockchain solutions and associated frameworks.

Nicolas Dorier's .NET/C# Bitcoin implementations have proven to be essential (NBitcoin, QBit Server and BtcPay Server). I'm also a pupil of Lighting Network/LApp development & am currently training on the EOS blockchain platform.


Bitcoin • Litecoin • EOS • IPFS • RSK • Ethereum

Blockchain Frameworks & Languages

NBitcoin/C#• Lightning Apps (LApps) • Solidity • QBit Server • BtcPay Server • BitCore • MS Coco Framework • IBM Hyperledger • Azure Blockchain Services (BaaS)

Concepts, Practices & Visual Thinking

Communicating requirements and solutions is vital when you are working with disparate teams - or disseminating your ideas for a broader conversation. I have found that the right visual can move mountains far more than verbal or written communications can

Over the years I have studied many disiplines from UML modeling to napkin sketching in order to acheive the best results in this area.

Software Engineering Practices

UML Diagrams • Use Cases • White Papers • Component Diagrams • Sequence Diagrams • Class Diagrams • Pseudocode • Whiteboarding Sessions • Test Driven Development • Behavior Driven Development • Pair Programming

UML, Diagrams & Technical Writeups:

IoT Architecture (Sketch):
IoT Architecture Sketch

C++ Class Diagram:
Global Asset Tracking / EOS Smart Contracts

Framework Diagram:
High Level Architecture

Component Logic:
Registration Sequence

Flow Diagram:
Redemption Flow

Processing Diagram:
Processing diagram for segmentation and enrichment of psychographic data

Integration Planning:
Stripe Intergration Planning

No-SQL/Tiered Account Planning:
Storage and Partitioning w/ Flat Files Linking

Whiteboard Session:
Application Architecture

DB Partitioning:
Partitioning Strategy

The Testnet: A Social Platform for Blockchain Developers

Lightning IoT: A Trustless Consortium System.


I am a huge proponant and practitioner of user expereince, information architecture and continuous user testing through various methodologies. I'm a big fan in particular of Bill Buxton's body of work as well as a wide variety of visual thinking theories and concepts.

Information Architecture Practices

Card Sorting • Content Inventories • Personas • Site Maps • User Journeys • Block Diagrams

User Experience Practices

Wireframes • Sketches • Paper Prototypes • Low Fidelity Prototyping • Interactive Prototypes • Block Diagrams • Temporal Wireframes

IA/UX Tools

Visio • Axure • HTML/CSS/JS • Illustrator/Photoshop • Paper/Pencil • Proto.io • Omnigraffle • Sketchbook Pro • 3D Studio Max

IA/UX Samples:

Apple Trailers iPad App

Apple Trailers iPhone App

Apple Movie Showtimes Interaction

South Park Studios:
Personas Document

South Park Studios:
Partial Website UX

South Park Studios:
UX Progression

Reputation System UX

Bolthouse Farms:
Website Sketches

Bolthouse Farms:
Website Wireframes

Toshiba USA:
Product Categorization (IA Study)

Rough Sketches:
Early Sketches for Website

Operations & Planning

Over the years I have had extensive experence managing developer operations from a high level along with integration points with project management, QA and stakeholder teams

Dev Ops

Azure DevOps • Azure Pipelines • Visual Studio Online (Team Services) • Git • GitHub • Docker • Docker Hub • Docker Cloud • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) • Azure Resource Manager (ARM Templates) • Azure Automation • SVN • TFS • MS Project • Continuous Delivery

Project Management

Discovery & Requirements Gathering • Project Scoping • Budgeting • Scheduling • Timelines • Gantt Charts • MS Project • Jira • Agile/Scrum • Sprints • Burndown Charts

Quality Assurance

Managed QA Teams and Workflows • Compatability Matrix Governance • BrowserStack • On Premises QA Virtual Machines • Cross Device Testing

Personnel Management

I've built and managed many teams comprised of a number of disciplines including: software engineering, information architecture, user experience design, mobile, UI & web development.

Human Resources

Hiring/Talent Aquisition • Mitigating Interpersonal Issues • Reviews • Discipline • Coordination with HR Staff

Team Building Practices

1-1 Mentoring • Individualized Career & Skill Growth • Instilling Pride of Craftsmanship • Team Building Excercises

Project/Scope Management

Time, Budget & Resource Estimations • Project Management • Scope Documents • Gantt Charting

Experiential & Creative

I have an extensive background in art direction, digital photography and post production. I've worked on photography and layouts for many celebrity/fashion magazines such as Vogue, Playboy, GQ, Wired & People Magazine. I've also managed motion graphics workflows and creative direction for digital advertising campaigns.

Creative Management

Motion Graphics Workflow Management • Motion Graphics Creative Direction • Digital Advertising Campaign Manager • Creative Quality Assurance


Photoshop • Illustrator • After Effects • Photography • Digital Retouching

AR/VR & Mixed Reality

AR/VR Unity Development • Hololens Development • Windows Mixed Reality Development • 3D Studio Max & Unreal Engine

Branding, Marketing, Social Media & Advertising Networks

Logo Design • A/B Testing • Sales Funnels • Google Analytics • Double Click Studio/Manager • Siezmek Ad Platform • Banner Buildouts and Campaign Management • Social Media Campaign Management • Social API Integrations • Email Campaign Management • MailChimp • Campaign Monitor

Favorite Books

Eric Evans: Domain Driven Design - Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software

Martin Fowler: Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture

Martin Fowler: UML Distilled

Satoshi Nakamoto: The Bitcoin Whitepaper

Andreas M. Antonopoulos: Mastering Bitcoin - Programming the Open Blockchain

Saifedean Ammous: The Bitcoin Standard

Bill Buxton: Sketching User Experiences

Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience

Dan Roam: The Back of the Napkin: Solving Problems and Selling Ideas with Pictures

Temple Grandin: Thinking in Pictures

Haishi Bai: Programming Microsoft Azure Service Fabric

Stephane Faroult: The Art of SQL

Frederick P. Brooks Jr.: The Mythical Man-Month

Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software

John Heider: The Tao of Leadership: Leadership Strategies for a New Age

David Ogilvy: Ogilvy On Advertising

Ray Dalio: Principles

Employment History



Owner & Operator of Innovative Cloud Solutions, LLC

Los Angeles, CA

Consultant and contributor to many companies and startups in a number of industries.

Key Responsibilities:

• Technical Consulting
• Application Architecture
• Software Engineering
• Backend, UI, Database and Service Layer Development
• IA/UX & Web Design

Clients & Industries Served:


iLeads | Leads Direct | TovoData

Sector: Leads & Sales Tools
Services Provided: D365 Integration. Custom APIs. Secure Customer Portal Development.
Websites: https://www.ileads.com | https://account.leadsdirect.app | https://portal.tovodata.com



Sector: Financial & Dynamics 365 Solutions
Services Provided: D365 Integration. Custom APIs. Secure Customer Portal Development.
Website: https://www.redmaple.com/


ProStar Energy (a Jerry Jones Family-Owned Company)

Sector: Energy Services
Services Provided: EnergyCap Integration. Client Management Systems. Data Pipelines & Workflows.
Website: https://prostarenergy.com/


Weldco-Beales Manufacturing

Sector: Heavy Equiptment Manufacturing
Services Provided: Business Central Integration. Customer Portals. Manufacturing Workflow Systems.
Website: https://weldco-beales.com/


Alta IP

Title: VP Engineering
Sector: Trademarks, Copyrights & Intellectual Property Rights Management
Services Provided: Multi-tenant account systems. Azure DevOps CI/CD pipelines. zure Functions, Insights & Event Hub Engineering. Data ingestion and transformations
Website: https://altaip.com/


Trailer Park / Goodness Mfg.

Vice President Technology & UX

Hollywood, CA

At Trailer Park I was promoted from Technical Director of a small team to Vice President of Technology & Strategy for the entire agency. In this senior management role I worked with various divisions including: digital, social and mobile as well as our newly acquired branding division, Goodness Mfg., run by former Crispin Porter/Young & Rubicam alumni.

I played a key role in ideation, technical strategy, solutions architecture and execution across all divisions as well as integrating resources and production workflows.

Internally I unified many disparate technology teams into one centralized service arm that could be leveraged by all divisions including: Theatrical AV, Print, Accounting, IT, HR along with the CEO & CFO to develop intranet & extranet tools to enhance workflow and generate accurate reporting, as well as various project management, extranet, client sales & communication tools that benefited the entire organization.

I worked with a number of industry partners such as Apple, Microsoft & Facebook. We were accepted into Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developer Program, where I was the main point of contact, giving us early access to upcoming social media technologies.

Some of our largest endeavors with our technology partners included spinning up production workforces within a matter of weeks for Apple as well as Microsoft related “white-label” software contracts.

Key Responsibilities:

• Management of Development, IA/UX and QA Teams
• Solutions Architecture
• Technical Project Management
• DoubleClick, AdWords & Sizmek Advertising Development

Key Initiatives:

• Apple iAds, iTunes and iBooks Production Pipeline
• Digital Delivery Solutions for Paramount Pictures
• Avatar Digital Campaign


Crew Creative

Technical Director

Hollywood, CA

At Crew Creative Advertising I helped build the most innovative interactive development team in the industry which led to our acquisition by Trailer Park, one of the biggest entertainment, marketing and content agencies in the world.

Some of our many branding and entertainment clients include: Nestle, Dunkin’ Donuts, ING Direct, Capital One, Newegg, El Polo Loco, Burger King, Citgo, TNT, Lucas Arts, State Farm, DreamWorks, Disney, Fox, NBC/Universal, Live Nation, Bolthouse Farms & Toshiba.

Key Responsibilities

• Management of Development, IA/UX and QA Teams
• HTML/CSS/JavaScript/LAMP/ASP.NET Development
• DoubleClick, Sizmek, Banner Ad Development
• Web Design & Adobe Flash Development


EMI Music | Capitol Records | Virgin Records

Senior Developer


I helped innovate the business of music at EMI Music. Our partners included Accenture nationally and HCL internationally along with an internal development team. Together we centralized EMI Music’s infrastructure while shaping the way the industry manages its data and applications globally across hundreds of labels and territories which include: Capitol Records, Virgin Records, Astralwerks, Blue Note, EMI Classics & EMI Latin.

Key Responsibilities:

• T-SQL, Stored Procedure, ASP.NET and C# Programming
• SQL Server, MySQL, Apache & Windows Server Management
• Global Catalog & API Management
• Extranet & Intranet Development
• Asset Management Sysytems Development
• Documentation, UML and UX
• Web Design & Adobe Flash Development
• Coordination with Offshore Team (HCL/India)


Essential Watches of Beverly Hills

CTO / Lead Developer

Beverly Hills, CA

My focus was on data management, search marketing & e-commerce. During my time we increased organic results and conversions in a variety of ways. Key to our sales efforts were custom data mining tools & offshore systems that funneled competitor data into an algorithm to beat prices across the global watch market on a daily and minute to minute basis. These fluctuations would filter through various systems including consumer facing web portals & Ebay auctions. The ability to automate price fluctuations in the market across thousands of watch brands like Rolex and Cartier brought us positive customer recognition & increased sales. For other clients in the luxury market I have built custom B2B services to automate key integration with partners. On the consumer side I have designed & built custom CRM, historical data & inventory control systems to aid sales teams as they work with international clientele across a global supply chain.

Key Initiatives:

• Competitive Pricing Engine
• Offshore Tools (for Amazon Mechanical Turk)
• Managing AWS Infrastructure
• Search Engine Development
• SEO & Marketing
• ASP.NET, C# Development
• SQL Database Administration


Atomic Digital / Fleshtone Photo Labs

Web Developer / Rich Media Developer

Hollywood, CA

At atomic digital I learned the art of digital photography and retouching. Working with some of the top photographers in the industry I was able to leverage my technical skills, as well as develop my skills in art direction, digital photography and post production. I was fortunate to work with a number of celebrity, lifestyle and fashion magazines such as Vogue, Playboy, GQ, Wired & People Magazine.

Key Responsibilities:

• Photoshop, Illustrator & PageMaker
• Working with top photographers in the industry
• Drum Scanning & Image Manipulation
• Macromedia Director, Lingo & CD-Rom Developmet
• LAMP Stack Development



Web Developer & Designer

Marina Del Rey, CA

One of the first startups to bring multimedia to the web. Long before YouTube, Vidnet had a small portfolio of sites including online trailers, music videos and celebrity related content.

Key Responsibilities:

• HTML/CSS/JavaScript Development
• PHP & Classic ASP Development
• Flash / ActionScript Development
• Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand & Quark Express


Allstate Communications

Web Developer & Designer

Graphic Designer & Web Developer

Beverly Hills, CA

Designed CMYK Print Advertisements for a variety of magazines. and their associated digital extensions.

Key Responsibilities:

• CMYK Print Design
• Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand & Quark Express
• PHP & Classic ASP Development

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